why is michelle in the snow?

why is michelle in the snow?

People just don't get it. I love the snow. I am not afraid of the cold. I am a bit afraid of really dark dark nights. Lot's of creepy things hide in the dark Polar Nights. But even that is kind of fun, sort of. In that I like to go into haunted houses even though I scream the whole way through kind of way.

I grew up in the age where, during summer vacation, you were outside playing from sun up to sun down. Anywhere and everywhere in the neighbourhood. Entertaining ourselves. We didn't go away every summer, we didn't really travel much at all. But I did get to go on 3 out of country trips growing up, long airplane trips over oceans to new continents. So I grew up comfortable finding my way in the outdoors, and completely enthralled with adventures to far, far away places.

In fact, I'm not really a fan of short trips. They are kind of like 30 minute TV shows. Just when you get into them, they're over. Nope, it's big, long distance travel for me. Go Big or Go Home.

If you aren't familiar with me through my business persona (you can check it all out here) I've taken this past year to sit back re-evaluate life as it is, and the business and why none of it was making me happy any more. I technically loved the creative nature of what I was doing, but I wasn't loving the job anymore and I sure wasn't loving big city life. You can read more about what brought me to that place here.

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