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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Let's Get #Grexy!

I randomly found this great Australian company on Instagram, called Sustainable Table a non-profit helping people live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. You can read more about them here.

What caught my attention was a challenge they were starting up for April. Give a Fork! I mean, come on, how can you resist that catchy name. Now if you've been following along on the thunderpeep blog you've read about how I started to live a more Zero Waste life, and it's been hard, but challenging (in the best possible ways!) so this challenge was right up my alley. Kicking it up a few notches, because I do love a good challenge. Now this is an Australian challenge and I'm here in Canada so it's going to be up to me to find comparable solutions in my city and adjust the what's in season menu...!

Basically there are 3 challenges to Give a Fork about ...

  • #GrexyTeaser - giving up your takeaway containers for the month (what you still use takeaway containers?)
  • #HalfwayToGrexy - going completely meat free during the week (I'll do another post on why this one wasn't for me)
  • #DropDeadGrexy - a crash course in sustainable living. This is my challenge (partly because I love the name) I've been all over the board with simplifying and converting so I'm looking for this challenge to help me create the new patterns to make my lifestyle more organized and effortless (well ok obviously there will need to be some effort - our world still isn't built to easily lead a zero waste friendly lifestyle!) - The Benefit to the Planet with my challenge: Up to 30% of our personal eco-footprint is embodied in the food that we buy, so changing the way you eat, will help change the world. That's a Fact. 

Another note, I hate the term Treehugger. I mean it's catchy and honestly quite true, I have hugged a great number of trees in my life. But it comes with so much negativity around it. These days it's used more as an insult (you know how passive aggressive us Canadians can be) and I've been trying to come up with my own new, fun term. That's still in the WIP pile, but I like this #Grexy label that Sustainable Table has going on.

This what they have to say about the term:

Well not really, but what else do you call someone who is doing their greenie thing with an extra dose of HOT!
The food we choose to eat contributes more to our eco-footprint than our transport and home energy usage combined. We know that’s not a very sexy statement, but it’s true.
What is sexy is when someone brings the cool back into caring, that’s why we’ve coined the term #grexy (sexy greenie).
#GREXY is that guy you see at your local grocer with the cloth bag swung casually over his shoulder.
#GREXY is the woman in the power suit asking to have her latte-to-go in a keep cup.
#GREXY is asking if the chicken’s free range.

I was trying to get this post up before April 1st - but the work load just wasn't cuttin' me any slack, so since it's already a few days in I'll share my progress so far. - don't worry I won't be posting my progress each day, I'll do weekly round ups!
Days 1 and 2 were mostly about setting up for the challenge. I've set myself up with a jar for my garbage. Yes, the aim is to cut landfill waste even more (I'm down to barely a bag every 2 weeks - in fact in February I only had 1 bag for the whole month) so this is my waste jar. Yep, my goal is to not produce anymore garbage than fits in this jar. My trash jar is for items that can't be re-used, recycled or safely put back into the environment (ie. not biodegradable or compostable).

To Note: I did find the largest jar in my house to use.

Let's get our Grexy on!
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